Kin & Castle - Print Club London

My Sliding Doors Moment

Firstly, if you don't understand that title, what have you been doing? Watch the movie!

Not wanting to bore you with a full life story, but at the end of last year, after years in creative marketing jobs, I was finding it harder to juggle life around work and my young family. I was also struggling to find time to spend on my passion and at that point hobby of graphic design. How cool would it be to have a little biz of my own selling art prints I thought?

Around the same time, I received an email from Print Club London with a call for submissions for their upcoming annual show BLISTERS. I decided the universe was talking to me - this was my sliding doors moment - and I submitted a print. 

I was so chuffed - my design was selected for the show. 

The brief & my design process

The brief was "'Way back when' - a show based on looking back and remembering the past. Grab inspiration from a past decade, iconic moment, a personal memory or a moment in time that you wish you were there."

I decided to create a typographic design that was uplifting in it's colour, form and content. I chose the memory of when my hubbie proposed (ahhh!). When he asked me I remember feeling all colours of emotions, but also it was always YES! Whilst this is obvs super personal to me, I also felt that this could be a design that others could relate to in their own lives - we've all had that YES! moment. Or maybe it could give viewers that boost of good vibes to uplift them in the morning! 

I believe that simple design can be the most impactful, so chose this simple, elegant font. I knew I wanted to show a rainbow of feelings in the colours - I started with coral as I was loving that colour (still do!) and went from there. 

 Blisters is a fully screen printed show - here are a few shots of the process:

Kin & Castle Print Club London screen print

The print was created in an edition of 50, all hand pulled and printed on 230gsm art paper. Dimensions are 500mm x 700mm. It was on sale at the show and also now is exclusively available from Print Club London. You can visit their website here. 

It was following the success of the show that I decided to follow my dream and start this business. As I said....Sliding Doors!